Charnell Lucich


Posted on: August 10, 2007

I’ve read online recently the following statement: “The last thing the online world needs is yet another social network service, but they keep right on coming”. This is such a true statement, and eventually it will be saturated and all will be just another social network service on the internet. However, I ran across something today that has peaked my interest: Natuba.

Natuba was created by Hushlabs, founded by the ever so popular Richard Yoo. This nifty little project of theirs lets you combine blogs, photo-sharing sites, YouTube, and content from social networks. If it has an RSS feed, then Natuba can include it on your personal page. The best thing that I’ve noticed thus far is that Natuba is very user friendly, which is important. If anything seems even remotely complicated, most users will move along and completely forget that they’ve even visited your site. I’m one of these people.

While the layout is quite loud, it’s catchy. That’s the idea right?

Currently, it seems that Natuba is still in it’s beta stage and by invite only. If you can manage to grab an invite, it’s definitely work checking out.


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