Charnell Lucich

An offline wiki for your desktop.

Posted on: August 14, 2007

Zim. This nifty little desktop wiki is pretty much a WYSIWYG editor. Zim has the feel of a typical text editor but also has editing features like spell checking with the page cataloging features of wikis. Using Perl and the GNOME GTK+ libraries for its graphical user interface, you’ll need those packages installed on your computer before you can install it.

Zim arranges files into repositories, one of the features that I’m really liking right now. When you open Zim, it will prompt you to select a repository. You can also create a new repository from this dialog box.

Use it as a text editor, use it for linking documents, use it for many things. Check it out and see what you think.

Thanks for letting me know about this program Donnie!

Mac users, check out VoodooPad.


3 Responses to "An offline wiki for your desktop."

i made the transition from tomboy to zim. for starters, tomboy eventually bogs down due to mono sucking up all my memory (and i have like thousands of entries). The one thing I wish zim wiki markup was more like media wiki, which would r0x0r.

Hey, I also switched to Zim, as it is very flexible and I like it working with text-files only, so that I can even edit them on my mac in urgent cases…

Hi Patrick. Flexible and simple, always a winner.

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