Charnell Lucich

Personal branding.

Posted on: August 14, 2007

I ran across an interesting article this morning. I believe people should pay more attention to their personal brand.

Question: What do Coke, Reebok and Target all have in common with you?
Answer: You are all brands.

Confused? Think about your favorite brand of tennis shoes. More than likely, you’ve developed a relationship with this shoe: You rely on it, it’s never let you down, and you trust it to get you from point A to point B.

Like consumer products, you have a brand as well – your reputation. Whether you know it or not, as a working professional, your rapport is your most vital asset, no matter what your career goals are.

I’ve always been a huge fan of people and their uniqueness. Being different used to be a downfall. Now, being different makes one unique and sets you apart from the rat race of striving for the same goal, fighting for a new position at work that everyone else is fighting for. I mean, why should you get the position? What sets you apart from everyone else that makes you stand out?

Q: What is personal branding?
A: Personal branding is using what makes you unique and valuable to stand out from your peers and attract the attention of people who need to know about you.

Definitely check out the article, “What is personal branding?
in full, it’s a good read.

If you aren’t a brand, you are a commodity.


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They all lead a lasting impression on their audience, just like you can if you embrace personal branding and strive to create a brand both online and offline that is distinct and memorable.

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