Charnell Lucich

Websites blocking FireFox

Posted on: August 18, 2007

I am a big fan of FireFox and have used it for quite some time on my macbook. Back when I did not have the ability to block pop-up ads or any other annoying website features, I was constantly remaining disgusted and annoyed while visiting some websites. When I visit a website, I am there for a reason and I don’t want to be pestered with pop-ups or annoying ads that like to follow your mouse all over the site….so I block them and I feel that I have every right to do so. I pay for my internet access every month, I bought my laptop, and I choose to view only what I want to. So why is it fair for others to get upset and attempt to control what *I* pay for every month because they can’t come up with a less intruding way to market their product?

These people are and have been upset because we choose to limit their marketing ability by blocking their annoying pop-up ads. Seems to me that if my marketing tactics were becoming less and less effective, I’d invent a new and improved way to market my product without forcing consumers to do it my way.

You’ve reached this page because the site you were trying to visit now blocks the FireFox browser.


1 Response to "Websites blocking FireFox"

let’s compare to this the television. Is it implied that by buying a tv, i’m obligated to watch ad’s on anything I pick up? Not really, you could either not watch the tv (but not a very smart purchase), or watch your home videos (with additional hw purchase no doubt), watch freely broadcast television or cable..on ad infested programming…is taking a leak between commercials also theft? Good luck with that one!

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