Charnell Lucich attack steals user data.

Posted on: August 22, 2007

US job website has suffered an online attack with the personal data of hundreds of thousands of users stolen, says a security firm.
A computer program was used to access the employers’ section of the website using stolen log-in credentials.
Symantec said the log-ins were used to harvest user names, e-mail addresses, home addresses and phone numbers, which were uploaded to a remote web server.

Read more on this issue here from BBC News


4 Responses to " attack steals user data."

Great, as if I don’t get enough spam because of Monster already. The e-mail account I use for Monster gets 3,000 spam e-mails a month. Monster kind of sucks for technology jobs anymore, I should just cancel my account.

Monster has gone downhill at a fast past over the past few years. It’s job listings have turned into mostly spam or fraudulent listings. This recent event with them definitely isn’t helping their users and it seems they haven’t really changed much to help them anyway. There are far better sites online now that are easier to navigate through, have much better list rates, and are geared towards people who are actually seeking jobs.

I’ve to agree 100% with charnell has gone “way” down hill

i don’t even recommend the website anymore to friends….

Sad isn’t it? Now adays it seems you can’t trust anything that was once ‘legitimate and useful’.

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