Charnell Lucich

Dedication and Determination in today’s younger generation.

Posted on: September 7, 2007

Dedication and determination. Many young people now a day set their goals early on in life. What used to be goals of becoming doctors and fire fighters is now a goal of becoming the next Bill Gates, the lead network engineer of a large corporation, a video game developer, or anything that has to do with technology.

Today, it doesn’t require a college degree for these young aspiring people to reach their goals in the technical field. Ask Henry Pugsley if he would agree. Henry, while still in high school started taking math, literature, and computer classes at community college at the age of 15 to get a head start. In his spare time, Henry taught himself scripting, programming, networking, and anything else he could absorb. After graduation, he started going to the University of Central Florida for Computer Engineering and then Computer Science. After 4 semesters of what was essentially high school review, he decided college wasn’t the way to go. Before he left UCF, he began working for a local ISP as a support tech and within 2 years was doing everything from T1 installations to router upgrades and Linux server administration.

At the age of 21, Henry took a big step in his life and moved away from Florida, leaving his friends and family to move to San Antonio, Texas to work for one of the largest managed hosting providers around, Rackspace Managed Hosting. At this point life confirmed that leaving college was a good idea, since the dot com bubble had just burst and experience counted more than a degree. Again, Henry began as a support technician and after working there for only 10 months the founder of Rackspace called upon him to help begin a new company – ServerBeach. Henry then went from a 2nd shift support technician to a developer and systems integrator in the blink of an eye, faced with helping to design and develop a new business in the dedicated hosting market.

After several years working with ServerBeach, being a developer, a network administrator, a support technician, and other various roles within the 5-person company, Henry decided it was time to move on to something more challenging.

Today, Henry is now working for a fast growing privately held company in Dallas, Texas putting together his own Research and Development department, earning a 6-figure income. He has worked for successful startup companies and helped more mature companies determine their path in the world of technology.

I chose to write about Henry because his choices in life showed dedication and determination at such a young age. Today while still under the age of 30, he’s a very successful man in the tech field and is steadily moving up. There are several young people in the world today building their own start-ups, working towards their goals, being creative, being visionaries. I applaud young people such as Henry as they’re proof that you don’t always need that college degree to be successful. I am in no way, shape, or form discouraging anyone from going to college. There are definitely reasons to go and I also applaud those who make it through college and become successful.

Visionaries, creative minds, the dedicated and determined are our leaders of today and create the path for our leaders of the future. We need to encourage our younger generations to be creative, to expand their visions and put it to work, teach them how to apply their ‘Action Habit‘ (which you can read more in an earlier post).


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