Charnell Lucich

Sun and Windows?

Posted on: September 13, 2007

Does anyone remember the dot-com days, the rivalry between Sun and Microsoft?

Sun’s famous motto “The Network is the Computer” threatened to make Microsoft’s desktop monopoly obsolete, and visions of a world of thin clients running Java backed up by expensive Sun servers were dancing in then-CEO Scott McNealy’s head.

According to an article titled Microsoft and Sun Expand Strategic Alliance, it seems that Sun and Microsoft are getting along better than ever. An announcement was made at a press conference that Sun has signed up to become a Windows Server Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), selling Sun x64-based servers that come bundled with Microsoft Windows Server 2003.
A flow chart that they’ve included, shows the compatibility for Windows on Sun Systems.

This is actually a little saddening for me to see, but this new direction is sure to be a winner for all involved.


The deal covers four main areas of collaboration for Microsoft and Sun: selling OEM Windows Server hardware, ensuring that Solaris is supported as a guest operating system on Microsoft’s virtualization products including Virtual PC, expanding the partnership in Microsoft’s Mediaroom TV-over-Internet (IPTV) project, and the construction of a Sun hardware and software interoperability lab on the Microsoft campus.

Will this be a win for Sun? I’m not so sure….


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