Charnell Lucich

The Green gPC

Posted on: November 1, 2007

Walmart has been selling Linux computers for quite a few years now at a pretty reasonable price. Now, they’re taking orders online for a new system they’re offering called the Green gPC, made by Everex of Taiwan and they’re offering it at $199.00. They say it’ll be available in approximately 600 stores as well as online.

According to a news article I read this morning, “The variant of Linux on the gPC is called gOS and is derived from the popular Ubuntu variant. It’s heavily oriented toward Google’s Web sites and online applications, like YouTube, Gmail and the company’s word processing program, all of which can be used only when the computer is connected to a broadband line.”

Another article describes this as a Google-friendly PC, but to me it sounds like it may be the first GooglePC. People have been talking about Google trying to edge in on Microsoft territory with their online applications, but they don’t have any penetration in the market for PC hardware. Today, you can buy a $200.00 PC that doesn’t need to have software on it to be useful. It’s a realization of Google’s ubiquitous computing.

Hmm…Google stock over $700.00 a share, Google phone coming out soon. Coincidence?


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