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San Antonio North Star Dodge: Idiots.

Posted on: December 10, 2007

A lot of you know that I have a personal blog that I use for personal posts, such as family stuff, house stuff, etc. This blog, I use for anything Tech related for the most part. Well, because I am so furious with North Star Dodge in San Antonio, Texas I decided to rant about them on both of my blogs.

Last weekend, I visited North Star Dodge in search of a new vehicle. I’ve been looking for a little while now due to all the crap I’ve gone through with my 2007 Suburban since I’ve had it. Anyway, when I went to the dealer, I took Kevin with me because A) Dealers love to sell to women (wonder why that is) and B) I have no idea what I’m looking at when it comes to vehicles (yes, I’m the typical “get in and go” female driver). So, we pull into the parking lot and notice there are about 7-8 sales guys out there just standing around, lined up in front of their building doing absolutely nothing. Before my truck was even turned off and before we could get out, there was a sales guy standing at my vehicle. That right there should have told me to leave.

We get out of my truck and I just start walking towards the car lot, not even bothering to let him force his sales pitch on me so he makes a straight shot to Kevin and asks him what we’re looking for. Kevin tells him exactly what I’m looking for down to the year, make/model, etc. So while I’m walking half way across the car lot and Kevin and the sales guy are way behind me .. all of a sudden Kevin yells and says, “THIS WAY”, while pointing to the back of the building. The sales guy let us walk half way through their lot before telling us that what I was looking for was stored “in the back parking lot”. I was like, “WTF? How nice of you to actually pay attention to what I was looking for and to let me walk half way across the car lot before telling me!” So by this time, I’m pretty upset because he completely ignored what I was looking for, it was hot out, and I knew what I wanted and he just wasted my time.

Now we’re walking about 2 blocks worth of vehicles towards the back of their building and some other guy from their dealership stops me to talk to me about a damn cat that just ran across their lot. So Kevin and the sales guy leave me behind and I’m stuck hearing a story about how the cat has been hanging around the dealership for about 3 months now, what they feed it, and how they’re not allowed to touch it. “Great,” I’m thinking, “here goes another 10 minutes wasted”. After having to listen to that, I finally start walking away trying to find Kevin and the sales guy who are now about another block-block and a half away from me. By this time, I’m fuming. So I finally get down to them…

Only to find that the TWO vehicles that the sales guy led us to were NOT the vehicle I was looking for, nor the year! OK, I’ve lost all patience now. So this guy proceeds to start talking about the engine and Kevin quickly stopped him and in not so many words just told him to save it and asked him how much they wanted for one of the trucks. The sales guy quickly says, “Oh, I don’t work with the price, it’s not my job.” *WHOA* So then Kevin says, “All right then…do you have a ball park figure of what this would cost, just a guess?” Again, the sales guy pulls the “not my job” line. So we just looked at each other and shrugged and started to head back to my truck.

Once this sales guy realized that we were leaving he all of a sudden starts getting into the numbers game (apparently even though this wasn’t his job so he said, he suddenly knew all about pricing). This was the perfect opportunity for me to unleash on him because I’m a numbers girl. *muahahah* Not only am I a numbers girl, but I’ve already looked at several other dealers around town and had the base price and MSRP’s memorized as well as the upgraded pricing for random things. The numbers he was spitting out were completely incorrect and I told him so and let him know that we could get a better deal elsewhere for a 2008 model. When he asked me from where, I proudly told him. At first he was OK and just said, “Well, if that’s what you can get from them, I’d certainly go get it from there.” Another, “WTF” popped in my head as soon as I heard that and he proceeded to explain to me what base price and MSRP was. *BZZT* Don’t go there with me. So again, I cut him off and by this time we were back up front and we left.

That visit to North Star Dodge had to have been my worst experience ever at a car dealership. Not only did the sales guy NOT pay attention to me from the beginning (what I was looking for, the year, make, etc), he did something that NOONE in the customer service business should EVER do: Tell a customer, “It’s not my job.” Working in the field that I do, which places me with the public constantly, I know exactly how customer service works and I wouldn’t dare even think about telling a customer or potential customer that. It’s a good thing I didn’t get the sales guys name, because I’d have been happy to post that here as well.

So North Star Dodge in San Antonio, Texas  did not only lose a chance at my business, they caused me to write this post for the entire world to see. I will be sure to share my experience at this dealership with all of my family, friends, and co-workers, as well as the internet.


2 Responses to "San Antonio North Star Dodge: Idiots."

This is the dumbest thing I have ever read. The salesmans job is to sell cars you dunce. If this was your worst customer experience, you must live under a rock.

Then perhaps you should continue reading elsewhere. As for the salesmans job – his job is to sell me what I’m looking for, what I’m going to pay for, which in turn, will give him his commission. If you don’t like what you read here, move along. Needless to say, there are other dealers out there willing to sell exactly what the customer is looking for – it’s all about customer service, the experience, and the customer happy in the end. One day perhaps you will figure that out.

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