Charnell Lucich

SQL Enterprise Server Issues? Discover, Diagnose, and Resolve them with Spotlight

Posted on: December 13, 2007

I read a really great HowTo written by Joshua Hoskins this morning for Spotlight on SQL Server from Quest Software .

Spotlight is a tool to help SQL Server Database Administrator’s monitor the performance of their Microsoft SQL Servers, and be alerted when there are problems. It provides valuable information in an easily accessible format.

“This not only provides the data about operations going on in your SQL environment such as your cache hit ratio, and pages in memory, but also operating system level information such as disk queue length, page file usage, and all process running on the system, not just SQL processes.

This full featured program can monitor multiple SQL instances simultaneously (multiple simultaneous monitoring is only available in Enterprise edition) without the need to install software on your SQL Servers, though you will need a SQL Server to house your work databases.”

Read Joshua Hoskins’ HowTo here.


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