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Employees Getting Screwed

Posted on: January 4, 2008

I am all for companies merging for whatever reason benefits them the most. What pisses me off is seeing big-boy companies pull something like this and screw over their employees in the process. There seem to be very few companies left who remember that their employees are their most valuable asset…

Asustek‘s plan to promote and build the Asus brand has always involved splitting the company into three distinct units, and it looks like the company has finally gone ahead and taken that step — say hello to the new Asus, which only makes Asus-branded computers, Pegatron, which will handle OEM, mobo, and component manufacturing, and Unihan, which will concentrate on casing, modules and other non-PC manufacturing. Pegatron and Unihan are expected to continue the former Asus’ manufacturing tasks with little to no dropoff or transition, but there’s a nasty little surprise in store for employees of all three new companies: their former pensions have all been cancelled, and the clock started anew as of January 1. No wonder they named these companies after rejected Decepticons.”

And just to add to my bitch, what the hell kind of name is “Unihan”?


9 Responses to "Employees Getting Screwed"

And people wonder why the average length of an IT job is only 2.5 to 3 years. Gone are the days when you can become an expert on one aspect of technology and be able to work on that technology for 20 years. Innovation is moving so fast these days that anyone who becomes attached to a particular technology gets left behind when the technology is ditched. Not only that, employers place more value on the technology than the people setting it up and running it. I’ve seen some companies treat IT departments as expendable resources, hiring and firing like just anyone can come in and do the same job at a moments notice.

I totally agree. It’s really a shame.

I have heard a saying before that I continually play over and over in my head…you can be the tail of the lion or the head of the mouse!

I would much rather be in control of my own destiny rather than be contributing to someone else’s dream. In any industry nowadays this is something very common.

it’s chinese for unihan no mo’ pension, u broke, u broke long time

I keep wondering what it’s going to take before legal action is taken against the executives who make these decisions. You hear about garbage like this happening in every industry these days, particularly in banking. For every Enron that was only “sort of” punished, how many are getting away scott free while their employees can’t pay their mortgages? It makes me angry/depressed/irate/adjective.

Usualdosage, I wonder the same thing myself. I figure eventually a massive lawsuit or something more drastic will have to take place a few times (and be known publicly) before anything will even begin to change. It’s very disheartening.

Sure, lawsuits galore, but it keeps happening, despite the lawsuits. Look at Enron, Worldcom, Tyco, etc. These company have basically tanked, but, their executives, for the most part, keep getting away with it because they have colossal golden parachutes. So what if the company is decapitated? They still have their private houses in Aspen and billions shuffled away in the Caymans.

Sure, Jeff Skilling may be the scapegoat or pariah, but even he’s serving his sentence out at the low-security prison in Waseca, MN. The one that used to be a college campus! I have my own diatribe about corporate greed on my blog here, if you’re interested in just how bastardly some of these companies can be.

Anyway, great blog, keep up the good work!

usualdosage: I visited your blog last night, wandered around…loved it and added it to my blogroll. Corporate greed; it’ll be around forever.

Thanks for visiting! I plan to lurk around here for a while, myself. 🙂

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