Charnell Lucich

Customer Service the Lexus Way

Posted on: January 14, 2008

Every day I receive an e-mail from MarketingProfs Today. While most of the time I just skim through the e-mail, this morning one of their articles really caught my attention. I am a huge fan of great customer service. Who isn’t, right? At PEER 1 (the company that I work for), we’re really focusing on customer service and making our customers the star so I really pay attention to any company who has this exact same goal and today, I’ve learned that Lexus is most certainly leading the way. I want to share this e-mail with anyone and everyone in the service industry.

Customer Service the Lexus Way

In a post at the Mavericks at Work blog, Bill Taylor discusses
how Lexus follows through on the lofty ideals spelled out in its
covenant, which asserts (1) Lexus will win the race because Lexus
will do it right from the start; (2) Lexus will have the finest
dealer network in the industry; and (3) Lexus will treat each
customer as we would a guest in our home.

It’s all well and good to have high-minded goals in a mission
statement; follow-through is something different. Taylor
illustrates how Lexus’ commitment could be a standard for
customer service:

* Shortly after launching the inaugural LS 400 sedan nearly 20
years ago, Lexus discovered that about 3,000 cars had minor
technical problems. The company responded by sending small teams
of executives to visit each customer at home. They apologized in
person and offered a gift while a Lexus technician resolved the
mechanical glitches right there in the customer’s driveway.

* Last year, the automaker became aware that 700 ES 350 models
had been delivered with problematic transmissions. Instead of
installing a new gearbox, Lexus gave owners a brand new ES 350 as
a replacement. “Based on surveys, the affected customers were
more loyal to Lexus than buyers who didn’t have the problem in
the first place,” says Taylor.

The Point: Writes Taylor, “When you do go the extra mile, you
earn the appreciation and loyalty of customers who have come to
expect so little from the companies with whom they do business.”


Source: Mavericks at Work. Click here to read the entire post.


3 Responses to "Customer Service the Lexus Way"

Even Lexus doesn’t always get it right, witness the Lexus GPS Override Controversy.

Since you are “a huge fan of great customer service”, let me share a book that I liked: Batteries Included! – Creating Legendary Serviceby Nigel May Barlow.

Thank you for sharing your book Nigel! I’ll be checking it out. One of my favorite books relating to customer service right now is, Raving Fans. I found it to be very interesting in the way messages were delivered.

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