Charnell Lucich

Sun acquires MySQL

Posted on: January 16, 2008

Announced today on the MySQL blog, Sun Microsystems announced plans to acquire MySQL AB.

The article states that, ” Given Sun’s proven track record as the largest contributor to Open Source, I think MySQL users have plenty of reason to feel happy about the acquisition. ” However, this may mean more problems for Microsoft SQL Server.
How so? With a major backer like Sun, it’s hard for people to say MySQL is not ready for the Enterprise. MySQL will get more development power with the Enterprise Java sites.

Read the full announcement here.


3 Responses to "Sun acquires MySQL"

I don’t know about “problems” for Microsoft SQL Server. It is pretty heavily embedded in a lot of major businesses, most of which will feel little urge to migrate their existing infrastructure to MySQL. Don’t get me wrong, I love MySQL to death, and it probably will get more “new” adoption being a part of Sun, but I don’t see it replacing MSSQL in the immediate future, anyway.

I have to agree with Usualdosage.. as much as I would *cough* love *cough* to see MSSQL go away, I don’t think it is going to hurt Microsoft too bad!

Given Sun’s track record it’s more likely MySQL will languish and die.

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