Charnell Lucich

Microsoft flip-flop

Posted on: January 21, 2008


Microsoft reverses itself again on Vista virtualization. Flip-flopping in an election year, sure… but not from your software vendor.

Nonetheless, Microsoft has changed its mind again, saying it will allow users to run Vista Home Basic and Vista Home Premium as guest operating systems on a virtual machine. Now, this is good news for Mac users who want to run the latest Windows version without having to pay a fortune, sell their soul, and give up their first born. Until now, Mac users and others wanting to run Vista virtually have had to do all of these above. OK, maybe not all of the above…

Microsoft had let it be known to reporters in June of 2007 that it was going to expand Vista’s virtualization options, but then for reasons that were never made clear, it reversed itself and never announced such a move.In any case, Monday’s move will certainly be welcomed by enthusiasts, Mac users, and virtualization software vendors such as Parallels.

Microsoft has made some interesting announcements recently. Read the full article here.


2 Responses to "Microsoft flip-flop"

Bootcamp is still buggy, though.

Hm, ok, I’ll bite and play devil’s advocate…:) Don’t hate me…

Why is it that people lash out at MS when they won’t support their OS to be used on a rival’s OS, yet at the same time, there is very little viable support for virtualizing OSX Leopard on a PC (or Linux box)?

I certainly don’t see any *ix or PC users lambasting Apple for not fully supporting OSX as a virtual system on an i386 platform. In fact, Apple provides absolutely no support whatsoever for this. Instead, I would have to rely on something like the open source PearPC to get it to work, and even then it’s not a true virtual system, but an emulated version.

Look, I am a .NET developer by trade, a die-hard supporter of open source, and a known Apple hater, so sure, I may be biased. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Apple deserve the same tongue lashing for not allowing me to easily run any of their OSes on my computer? I wanna dance to Bono’s music, too, you know…

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