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6 Responses to "Well Hello Virgin America"

I have never flown Virgin America myself but have heard it is quite a cool experience. Virgin America is founded by the same person as Virgin Mobile, as well as Virgin Records, which is the first company I believe. Richard Branson is the founder of the Virgin trademark. He is a very interesting person, and quite the entrepreneur. Check out the Wikipedia page about him.. here.

Thanks for the link Zylone!

they been around for quite some time, they are also expanding into space travel in the next few years. They even market a soda as well, amongst other things.

Virgin America? Is that supposed to be some sort of British-high-brow-oxymoronic-wit from Branson, or something?

…Still, sounds interesting.

You have to admit, it’s certainly an eye grabbing name. With all the searches (pr0n) going on type in Virgin and voila…business exposure. Nonetheless, one of my old co-workers has flown this airline and blogged about his experience. After reading that, I think (like him) I’ll be sticking with JetBlue. You can read his review here.

VirginAmerica=AWSOME but 1 BAD emp#135101 name=IAN

There was two of us with ONE 75 pound lugage checking in an Over weight lugage in San Francisco (SFO)
So, I stepped aside to re-packed it, then weighed 68 pounds. Only to be hassle again and then asked to weigh my carry on.

The carry-on weighed 35 pound for two of us.

The pushy IAN forced us to check our carry-on in because that too was overwieght. Split between two people would have been 17.5 pounds easily.

My Question is “Did IAN have a bad day with his boy friend or girl friend?”

IAN, Doing a job you don’t like is worse than losing your job.

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