Charnell Lucich

Me and My MacBook Pro

Posted on: March 5, 2008

Well, my little 13.3″ MacBook finally gave up on me. Generally, I upgrade my laptops once every 12-15 months but I enjoyed my MacBook so much I kept it until it finally gave up on me. I am by no means an Apple fan girl at all but I will give credit where it is due whether it be Apple and Mac OS X, Dell, Windows (ok, that wasn’t fair – I have much respect for this OS :)), various other names, or Linux.

I primarily used my MacBook for work, carrying it back and forth to the office every day, traveling across North America with it, and of course using it at home. After about a year, the case began to crack (along the front left and right side by the trackpad) and the battery stopped holding it’s charge (to the point where I couldn’t use it without charging it for longer than 20 minutes) – the well known problems. Here I am 19 months later and I finally had to retire my little 13.3″ friend. Yes, I could’ve replaced the battery and probably will eventually.

Now I sit here and type this post from my new MacBook Pro. Because I have tiny hands and I’m just really not a very big person in general….this is going to take a lot of getting used to. Almost half of my forearm rests on the wrist pad and my hands look incredibly little on the keyboard. I look like a child using it and I’m finding myself making typos more often than before. Aside from having to get used to the size, the weight is hardly noticeable and I’m loving it, along with Leopard.

There are quite a few new things to learn in Leopard, but so far I’m liking it all.


2 Responses to "Me and My MacBook Pro"

You are the third person I know in the last few month who got a new MacBook Pro. My MacBook is 2 years old and I have no need to retire it but … I am staring to feel a little bit of laptop envy. 🙂

LOL! Khurt, my MacBook was only 18 months old and I loved it. I hated to retire it because it was perfect for me with the size and weight having to carry it back and forth to work daily. And believe me, I wanted so bad to buy another MacBook, but didn’t want to risk problems again so I went with the pro. It’s still taking me a while to get used to, mainly the size but I’m really liking Leopard.

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