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Samsung’s “for the ladies only” Burgundy G600

Posted on: March 24, 2008


Sigh. Why…why…why?!?! A few months ago I made a post titled “Cool Tech Toys for the Ladies“. I’m always on the search for cool tech toys and gadgets and get easily frustrated with the things that I find geared towards women. Several months later and I’m just browsing around online again, looking for cool stuff and I stumble upon this pitch towards the ladies regarding Samsung’s new G600 cell phone –

Samsung’s “for the ladies only” burgundy G600 comes with free matching nail polish

Now, before I read any further – I keep re-reading the title of this article, blank faced, blinking stupidly. After I snap myself out of the “oh my god, I feel just a little bit dumber after reading that” mode, I then read on to find –

What a better way to entice women to buy their mobile phones than to release something that would suit every woman’s fancy. Samsung seems to have a woman adviser in their manufacturing division to have come up with the pretty cool idea of releasing a new burgundy colored version of the previously released SGH-600 mobile phone.

What the hell? You mean to tell me…wait. OK, had to take a breather for a second before I said something I shouldn’t have. Now, I realize that there are a lot of “girly-girls”, but will these women _really_ go out and buy the $$$ cell phone because it comes with matching fingernail polish?? Apparently Samsung missed the boat, forgetting about the high-tech, savvy women out there who want functionality, ease of use (especially when you’re in a hurry), and something that just works, not giving a damn what the color is or how cute it is.

But what’s even more interesting is what Samsung did to make the G600 really appealing to women, Samsung partnered with Nails Inc to release the burgundy colored G600 with 3 bottles of nail polish that are included inside the phone’s box. And mind you, those 3 bottles of nail polish are not just your ordinary nail polish, they are color matched with the G600 itself.

“Oh…my…gawd! Jenny look at my new nail polish! It matches my phone, my car, my earrings, my bra, my….isn’t it just fantabulous?!??! I only had to pay $$$ for the phone and $50 a month for 2 years!! And it came with THREE bottles of polish, can you believe it?!?!!!” *blink*blink*blink*sigh*

For women, this might be the answer to their lifelong prayers. A mobile phone that matches the color of the clothes but the color of their nails as well.

Lifelong prayers. I’m not sure about other women, but I can say with certainty that my lifelong prayers have nothing to do with praying for a cell phone that comes with matching nail polish. And here folks, is where I had to stop reading the article.


2 Responses to "Samsung’s “for the ladies only” Burgundy G600"

C, believe me when I say that there are FAR more shallow, self absorbed female “fashion mavens” out there than there are tech-savvy geek girls like yourself. Lets face it, that little phone is simply another accessory, not really a useful tool (outside of the fact that it indeed does make calls). Tech-savvy geek girls have Blackberries, or iPhones, or Windows Mobile devices…not burgundy phones that came with matching nail polish, right?

Fact is, it’s not just the women. If Samsung released a phone that came with a free beer bottle opener in the back of it, you’d have just as many men lined up to buy it.

I wouldn’t take it too personally! Its just marketing. And they’re selling to the same people who pay $120 for a Tiffany cellphone dangly charm doohickey.

Sadly, I have a crackberry that’s pretty much taken over my life as it’s meant to do. I understand that it’s not _just_ women who have to put up with the silly marketing. I guess it’s just the idea in general that really irks me that women are easily swayed/suckered/reeled in by stupid little ideas such as this. Or maybe it frustrates me because I know that there are women out there who are just naive enough to buy this crap…guess I expect more from women in general. Maybe I expect too much. (=

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