Charnell Lucich

Peanut Butter – It’s What’s For Dinner

Posted on: June 19, 2008

I’ve never really cared for peanut butter in any way, shape, or form growing up. No matter how many times my mother tried to feed it to me in any manner that she could – PBJ sandwiches, on crackers, you name it she tried it. It wasn’t until my adult years (and just within the recent years I might add) that I began actually liking it and even now, I don’t care for it unless it has something mixed in with it.

While posting on Twitter one afternoon, I received an e-mail notification that I had a new follower – pbloco

After clicking the link to the Twitter profile and checking this new follower out I realized that it was a company that sold peanut butter. My first reaction was ‘WTF? Why would a PB company want to follow ‘Just your average geek-girl?’ And of course the obvious second, ‘Exposure’. So, not being a fan of peanut butter but not really busy at work I decided to check out P.B. Loco’s website and to my amazement, I was impressed. Impressed at the fact that A) I loathed peanut butter most of my life yet found myself interestingly browsing around this website. and B) That this company is actually doing something ‘different’. Different with their marketing, different with their attitude, just…different.

Today at work, I received a FREE jar of P.B. Loco peanut butter (who gives away free stuff anymore without wanting something in return??).

Peanut Butter with CoCoBanana

Yes, I bolded it. Yes, I gave it an entire line on this blog post by itself. Why? Because it kicks ass and deserves it! I’ve tried Jiff, I’ve gagged over Peter Pan, and tonight I rocked Peanut Butter with CoCoBanana!

Generally, I would either eat out or cook something, but here in San Antonio, Texas during 100 degree weather, the last thing someone wants to do after a long day at work is cook OR go outside. This was one of those get home, change into some sloppy/comfy clothes, strip the make-up and just relax under the A/C. So PB (no jelly!) it was.

Good God this stuff is heavenly – Peanut butter, bananas, and chocolate, blended just right to cause it to have a perfect texture that doesn’t gag you like the other brands (well, me at least). Ok, enough right? I could go on for days bragging on this stuff. You readers have to head on over to their website and check out what they call their ‘Adult Peanut Butter’. Not to mention the recipes that they have on their site that includes their peanut butter as one of the ingredients.

I will definitely be ordering more and trying out some of the different varieties that they have. Maybe I’ll get brave enough eventually to try out one of their recipes. One thing is for certain, they’ve certainly made me a fan(girl).


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