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Get Kocky, Get Customer Service

Posted on: August 5, 2008

If you can't hang with the big dawgs, stick with show 'n shine!

If you can't hang with the big dawgs, stick with show 'n shine!

Yes, I spelled it correctly. When you get Kocky you get true customer service, the way it should be. I order a lot of t-shirts online. Mostly sarcastic geeky t-shirts from ThinkGeek or Jinx, and being into street/drag racing I stumbled across a website that sells the sarcastic t-shirts that I love about racing called Kocky Products.

My second order from them again included multiple t-shirts, one in particular being a black t-shirt that was in-stock (so the website said). After a couple of weeks passed and my order not being received, I started to wonder. The first time I ordered from Kocky Products, I received it within 4 days after placing the order as they ship Priority Mail – and FAST. I sent an e-mail to admin(AT)kockyproducts(DOT).com (which I figured would just fall into /dev/null) on July 8th letting them know that my order was placed on June 25th and still hadn’t been received, and asked for a status update. On July 9th, I received a response to my e-mail inquiry from Keith Bishop – the owner of the company:


I am very sorry about your order not arriving yet.  I resent it out today, and I refunded you back $6.00 (the shipping) back to your paypal because of the delay.

Also, I didnt have any BLACK shirts in the XXL of the “FWD Sucks” shirts.  I sent a white one instead.  However, if this won;t work and you would like to return it, thats fine.  Just let me know and I will send you a call tag to return it back.

Again, I am very sorry about our poor customer service.  thanks, and take care!


Keith Bishop, Owner
25 Summers Rd
Marietta, OH 45750

Ph. 740.350.2079
I hit reply instantly, letting him know that I was impressed by the instant response and the return of the shipping fees and thanked him. I also let him know that I would be blogging about my experience with their company. How often do you A) Get an instant response to an inquiry about an order placed online  B) Get your shipping fees returned due to an error without putting up a fight and C) Get such a personable, friendly response, instead of a canned/scripted response – let alone from the owner of the company? RARELY or NEVER pretty much answers that.
I received another e-mail from Keith exactly 15 minutes later – surprisingly, from his iPhone.
Well I certainly appreciate that, but again, I am sorry for no one contacting you sooner (as we should have.)  Not making excuses, but I was gone for a week for vacation with my family, and the person I left I  charge wasnt responding to emails like he should have.
Thanks once again, Charnell! 🙂
Keith Bishop

Sent from my iPhone.

Now..I respond to (work related) e-mails from my CrackBerry when I feel it’s an emergency. Not an emergency? I’ll deal with it in the morning when I get into the office or at some point during the day.  To me, this situation certainly wasn’t an emergency and I was definitely not expecting a response to my ‘Thank you’ e-mail.
I never did respond back to Keith’s after this. Yesterday, while checking my e-mail I received yet ANOTHER e-mail from him –

Just wanted to touch base with you and make sure everything was OK with your order and if the White version of the “FWD Sucks” shirt was ok… (you had ordered a black and we were out, so I sent a white.)

Thanks so much for your business, and I just wanted to make sure you were satisfied with everything.

take care.


Keith Bishop, Owner
25 Summers Rd
Marietta, OH 45750

Ph. 740.350.2079
I haven’t replied yet to his last e-mail as I wanted to make this blog post first. Rarely, if ever do I find good even barely-acceptable customer service in today’s society. When I happen to be a victim of terrible customer service I chalk it up to either the representative just being a not-so-friendly person in every day life or that they just don’t get paid enough to care and I typically steer clear of that business from that moment forward.
It’s people like Keith that remind me of how customer service should be and the rewards both the company and customer get out of the experience. Common sense right? Sadly, in today’s world it’s not so common. So if you’re into cars hot-rods and/or racing and want a great customer exprience…Get Kocky!

3 Responses to "Get Kocky, Get Customer Service"

Very cool, and always good to publicize service, good and bad.

You also might want to let him know how he can remove the tacky iPhone signature, not everyone realizes it can be done so easily.

I agree! Great customer service should always be praised. Bad customer service – if I blogged about it .. who am I fooling, there isn’t enough hours in the day to even think about starting that. (=

Exceptionally bad service is sometimes worth mentioning. Heck, you can do it while you’re on the phone complaining about the bad service.

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