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2009 SXSW Interactive Panel Picker – VOTE!

Posted on: August 10, 2008

The company that I work for attended SXSW 2008. I had the opportunity to meet a few customers, one standing out in particular. Her name is Lisa Sabin-Wilson. If you haven’t heard of her already (which you should have by now! C’mon people are you hiding under rocks? *smirk*), Lisa wrote WordPress For Dummies – published in November 2007 (which stayed at the #1 spot on in the “blogging books” category for 7 months straight), and is still in the top 5 list today. On her blog she states that she’s in the process of writing and revising the book and will publish WordPress For Dummies, 2nd Edition in November 2008. Lisa is also the Owner and Founder – Creative Director of E.Webscapes, a blog design studio and Blogs About Hosting. There’s not a lot in this ‘blogworld’ that Lisa doesn’t do!

Meeting Lisa was the greatest and biggest highlight of my entire time spent in the company booth. She has the most incredible, happy, bubbly, outgoing, personality that I have ever seen in any one person. When I met Lisa, it was at that time I found out that she was a customer of ServerBeach – and I returned to San Antonio and did a little digging (don’t worry Lisa, I just looked up your account to see what you did – I didn’t go all P.I. on you, lol).

I’ve made it a point to keep up with Lisa’s website as well as her regular Tweets on Twitter, simply because A) I consider her as someone to look up to – for both business practices and her awesome blogging skills, and B) Because she’s just a great woman in general.

This year at the 2009 SXSW, Lisa is on the Interactive Panel List and she happens to be the ONLY prospective panel at SXSW about WordPress. Please venture over there and give her your vote – it’s certainly well deserved!



3 Responses to "2009 SXSW Interactive Panel Picker – VOTE!"

I love that this post is tagged with ‘kickass woman’! 😀

Seriously, Charnelle, thanks so much for this post and I really hope I get the opportunity to see you again in Austin and spend a bit more time getting to know you better this time. I was just so thrilled to meet “QT” last time! This year definitely calls for dinner and drinks.. or just drinks – – whichever works lol

Thank you for such a flattering post! xxoxo!

Lisa – What better way to just get down to it and tag you with the perfect tag of a ‘kickass woman”! I just hope that my efforts combined with everyone else can bring you to Austin. If so, we’ll most definitely have to schedule dinner and drinks this time! Of course, by the end of the first day – we may just be ready for drinks, lol! Hopefully Chris will be able to make it out too! I’d hate to have to PhotoCHOP him in a picture of us! 🙂

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