Charnell Lucich

Bloggers Are Getting Hot

Posted on: August 22, 2008

It seems I’ve been added to a list of nominees on Which I think is very cool and I thank the individual who thought enough of me to nominate me. Since I’ve been blogging here, which is my personal blog and on our company blogs I’ve had the chance to meet some really GREAT people. The blogosphere is full of such a wide variety of topics, all of which these bloggers are passionate about; from mommy bloggers to media bloggers, tech bloggers to political bloggers, you name it – it’s out there. I think what I’ve found to be the most impressive out of all these people of different blogs is that no matter the blog theme and/or topic, there isn’t an event that goes by that people pass up the chance to meet each other. It’s really a great community to be a part of.

What is this all about? Jane Porricelli of says,

It’s all Playboy’s fault.

If hadn’t made a list of the hottest bloggers (all female – it is Playboy) – blogger Jane Porricelli of never would have found her Mission. A believer in equal opportunity, she knew that in the interest of women and gay men promoting gender equality, she just had to recognize the men who heat up the web, too.

So she enlisted the help of her Twitter followers one night, blogged about her impromptu Hottest Male Blogger contest – and the response was major. The scent of fresh male blogger meat quickly made its way ’round the web and Jane was deluged with emails, tweets and press from Gawker and mediabistro.

The Hottest Male Blogger contest was the Cinderella Story of the web, bringing hot male bloggers into the spotlight. Mission accomplished.

But that’s not where our story ends. Oh no. Even before the announcement of the first-ever Hot Male Blogger Contest winner (Peter Shankman), there was unrest in the blogosphere.

People complained I’m the hottest blogger and I was totally overlooked! and No fair! I didn’t have a chance to vote for my favorite blogger! and See a sexy Russian girl get – (oh wait, that one went into spam) and Hey, where are the gay bloggers? Bloggers of color? At the same time, even more were crying, We want more! We want more! And just as Jane was shaking her fist at the gods, crying, “How? How do I give everyone what they want?” she was joined by Sarah Morgan, blogger, Twitterer, social media dilettante and Hot Blogger appreciator.

And when the two of them put their minds together, the Hot Blogger Calendar was born.

Jane and Sarah decided to create two calendars: Hot Male Bloggers and Hot Female Bloggers (again: gender equality). And here’s where you come in. Yes, you are a part of this story, too. It’s your chance – nay, your duty – to nominate the bloggers who will take part in our photo shoot and appear in the 2009 Hot Blogger Calendars. (And then you will buy these calendars come November, m’kay?)

You nominate your Hot Blogger, male or female. Nominations will be accepted for just one week, from August 18-25. You can vote for yourself (we won’t tell!) or for any other blogger who makes you muy caliente!

But you must spread the word, because obviously, the more people who vote for you your nominee, the better chance that you your nominee will be a finalist. Finalists will be announced August 25, and voting from August 25-September 1 will determine the Hot Bloggers who will grace your calendar pages throughout 2009.

So, with that said I’m going to pretty much whore put myself out here and ask that you go over to Hot Blogger Calendar, click the ‘Gals‘ tab, scroll a little over midway through the list and find me (Charnell Pugsley) and nominate me! *bats eyes*



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