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Posted on: October 13, 2008



I’m sure you were expecting to see a blog post talking about Larry Wall or “Perl” which is a general-purpose programming language originally developed for text manipulation. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this post is about the newest addition to my family.

I have been wanting a dog, actually two dogs to keep in my back yard for quite some time now. I live in an older, established, neighborhood with a lot of retired people. Lately there have been a lot of break-ins and theft in the surrounding neighborhoods and just recently hit my neighbor across the street. So my reasoning for wanting the dogs was to scare away unwelcome “visitors”. I had been considering either two German Shepherds or two Labs – both loyal, loving, and protective breeds. Well, that changed when I found out about the following animal.

Perl is an American Bulldog. A friend of Kevin‘s was getting rid of her and had posted so on a public forum that I used to visit. This friend had posted that “Pearl” (what his son had named her) was an 18 month old indoor/outdoor puppy , who was cat-friendly, kid-friendly, and just a 65lb lap dog. “Perfect”, I thought since I have both cats and kids. Saturday Kevin and I made a round trip to Corpus Christi which is a 2.5 hour drive one-way for us and picked Perl up to bring her home.

After bringing her home, we quickly learned that what the previous owner had told us was completely opposite of what we got. Now first I’ll say that Perl is a GREAT dog. However, she is NOT cat-friendly. She is NOT an indoor/outdoor dog, and she is starving for human attention. Her first night home was rough hell. We kept her inside because we figured since she was used to being indoors and she’s in a new surrounding, we’ll keep her close to us and let her know everything is going to be okay. Mistake #1. Perl seems to think that the cats (that we’ve had for 6+ years) were just walking toys and wanted to play with them…ALL NIGHT. She totally ignored the hissing, the swats at the face, the “toys” that fluffed up like Christmas trees, and the awful noises that were coming from these new “walking toys” and continued to prance around them and try to play with them.

Finally, after everyone else had went to bed hours earlier I had looked at the clock in the living room and realized it was now 5:30am and that I had spent the entire night running around the house trying to keep Perl settled down and quiet so she didn’t wake everyone. I finally had to put her in her cage where she quieted down and relaxed so I could get some sleep of my own. She did well in her cage, which I hated to put her in because a dog’s cage should not be used for discipline. It should be a comforting and safe place of their own. *sigh* Luckily she only had to stay in there for 2 hours. My 16 year old son woke up and immediately took her out of her cage, put her on the leash and out for an early morning run they went.

Now before I go any further, let me point out that not only did I deal with Perl all night – to make matters worse…my air conditioner went out. So, a hyper, galloping, barking, dog who did nothing but want to play with the cats walking toys ALL NIGHT, a broken air conditioner, and a house that quickly warmed up to an undesirable temperature was how I spent my Saturday night into Sunday morning.

So now comes Sunday. My wonderful family whom I love more than anything, who had a wonderful, peaceful nights sleep is awake wandering around the house aimlessly wondering what mom is going to cook for breakfast. By now, they did not know that mom has turned into this. Okay, maybe not THAT extreme…but I definitely had the “back off or die” going on. This is something my family does not understand as they know me as the caring, loving, patient, nurturing, woman that they’ve known for 18 years now. So not understanding…they continue to press on. Once I realized that they were a little confused over mom’s outlook on life for the day, I quickly brought myself back to what they’ve learned to expect. I love my family, did I mention this?

By Sunday evening, the air conditioner repair man came out and had the a/c up and running 5 minutes and $300.00 later. Little did this repair man know that he just saved this from taking place under my roof. I owe him dearly.

Now the house is cool, the family is fed and relaxed, and Perl is adapting as well as to be expected in her new home. My cats and their adjustment to this “thing” in their home.. that’s a whole new post that I’ll spare you from. This new addition to our family is going to require a lot of training, a lot of attention, and a lot more attention.

To me, it’s worth every bit of it because in return, my family will have a loyal, loving, family protector that we call Perl. Oh, who by the way also likes to bring me presents to show her love for me.

If you’re wondering why her name went from “Pearl” (named by the previous owner) to “Perl”, let’s just say it falls in line with everything about our family from beginning days with the cats named X, TabKey, Deb, and Ian, to the license plate on my truck that reads “apt-get”. “Perl” just made sense. *smile*


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Cool new family member….

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