Charnell Lucich

Marketing At It’s Best – T-Mobile “Butt Dialer”

Posted on: February 20, 2009

This commercial cracked me up the first time I watched it on television. Every time I hear it, I stop what I’m doing to go into the living room and watch it. I love it!

Marketing today is difficult. The public needs to be entertained and if you don’t have something to keep people entertained, they get bored…quickly. Commercials, videos, and much of marketing today has become comical and eye-pleasing and it works. It gets people talking. Like the T-Mobile commercial below. I can’t count how many times I’ve asked people if they’ve seen it. It’s funny. It’s generating viral buzz. Again, it works.

T-Mobile has done a great job with this one.


4 Responses to "Marketing At It’s Best – T-Mobile “Butt Dialer”"

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This is one of my favorite commercials too! I have a Blackberry that I am constantly butt-dialing people with. Thank God it’s never been embarASSing… so far….


Haha! I’ve recently switched from my BlackBerry to the iPhone and boy do I miss it! I’ve been keeping my eye on the BlackBerry flip – just waiting for it to hit my cellular provider so I can get it. I’ve been victim of butt dialing as well – too funny!

How funny… I blogged about this too!! Great minds think alike!!

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