Charnell Lucich

Giving Vimeo a Try

Posted on: March 27, 2009

I picked up a new Flip Video and I’m quite impressed with the quality it produces. It’s the perfect size to toss in my purse and whip out whenever I want to catch something on the fly. I’ve been looking around at video sharing sites and while YouTube seems to be the best place to share videos – it lowered the quality of my video and that’s something I want to avoid.

My first attempt at sharing videos was on Flickr since A) I have a pro account and B) I’m constantly updating it with photos. Unfortunately, even the pro account on Flickr has a 90 second video limit. I uploaded the videos there anyway and just left a link to the full video on the web site I ended up going with to share the full video(s) – I’m happy with the results. Vimeo allows you to upload your videos without losing quality.

If any of you have other suggestions for video sharing sites, please comment and let me know. I’m still looking.


3 Responses to "Giving Vimeo a Try"

i used vimeo for several professional video projects and it’s a great platform …. unless you are looking for an intuitive video widget for your blog or web-page, those are definitely not as good as youtube’s !

Embedding a single video works great and once you decide to pay for vimeo+, you get a much wider range of embedding and privacy features etc.

Have fun with, you gonna love it !

0lli 🙂

Hello Charnell,
I don’t have any useful info for you in this regards. I’m actually learning from you thanks to this blog (Thanks a million!!!) i.e. the Flip Video, flickr, etc. All I know is Casio puts out a camera that is “YouTube ready”. The model I don’t know, but its the one sold at Costco (I’m sure other stores carry this). Which brings me to what I want to share with you. When I clicked on your flip video link above and found out of its existence and WHERE you can buy it, I thought “Oooh. I could buy this through my Blastoff.” And if you haven’t heard about it, go to to check it out. The coolest thing about it is that its free! And I’m sure someone like you (an evangelist) will easily see the potential benefits of it.

Thank you again so much for your work here and please keep up the good work.


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