Charnell Lucich

Life Begins At the End Of Your Comfort Zone.

Posted on: October 6, 2014



A lot has happened in my personal and professional life these last couple of months and a lot has weighed on my mind these past couple of years. The weight of my professional career has been a heavy one to carry. I’ve been in the IT industry since the late 90’s. Specifically, the hosting industry for the last 11 years. I’ve held a wide range of positions throughout these years, all of which I enjoyed. Yet there was always this nagging thought I carried with me – “What would I do if I lost my job?”

Since 2010 I have held key roles for the companies I’ve worked for. These roles kept me managing the online face and voice of one company via Social Media, constantly traveling to conferences and representing the business, and the other had me managing online engagement and so much more.

“Sounds like awesome roles! What’s the problem here?!”

The problem – no…MY problem is that I’ve struggled trying to answer one question over and over: “What is my career path?” There isn’t one. Plain and simple. And if I lost my job,’s a saturated market, the pay isn’t great, and again, there just isn’t a real career path for me. There is an even bigger problem with this and my questions became reality recently. I did in fact lose my job and my struggle became even bigger. Not financially, mentally. Because I was forced to answer one question that I’ve never been able to answer: “What do you WANT to do?” My response to that question every time? “I don’t know.”

I finally figured it out. Finally. I was asking myself the wrong question all this time. Instead of setting my brain on fire, getting hot flashes thinking about it, and wrecking my nervous system (okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT bad..but pretty darn close!), I changed the question and asked myself what is it that I’m good at. All of a sudden, the clouds went away and a lot of things became much clearer.

I’m good at helping people. Fixing broken things whether it be technology, animals, people (especially people), and so on. I see your eyebrow raised over there looking at me like that. I know…I know. There are many fields that I can go in to that covers that. A lot. I’m good at it. I enjoy it. But I don’t want to be paid for it. These are things that make me happy. Does that even make sense?

It’s been really nice being able to stay home recently. To relax, cook, bake, do whatever I want. It has given me time to think about my next career and really dedicate the time needed to figure it out. The skills that I have are not skills that I can take to any company and many companies aren’t even hiring for it or have those type of positions. Not to mention, honestly…I’m tired.

So I’ve decided to focus on a career track that is transferable anywhere. In any State. I’m going back to school. It’s scary and exciting at the same time. I’m completely changing the industry that I know like the back of my hand and moving on to the health field and pursuing a degree in Health Information Technology. I can help people. I can hold a regular 9-5 job and truly have a work-life balance. It’s so easy for those two to become one.

Next week I will be taking my first step outside of my comfort zone. My new life begins…


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