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I often see Friday love lists and I used to do them myself. But today I’ve decided to create a Monday love list because well..Mondays generally suck. After an enjoyable weekend, Monday is always that dreaded day when you have to wake up early to go to work or school or try to get back in the swing of things. It’s just not a pleasant day. So to make my Monday a little more digestable, I’m going to think about the things I love. 🙂

Coffee. (you knew this was going to be here!)

My Granddaughter. This little girl is a very important part of my life. Very.

Family. Granted, there are days when they drive me absolutely mad – but I love them with all my heart.

Fall. There is something about the turning colors of leaves and the cooler weather that is just refreshing.

Blue jeans and my favorite worn out t-shirt.

ME time.

Hearing the laughter of a child.


Cooking a meal for my Family. There is something incredibly satisfying about seeing my Family with full bellies and hearing them complain about how good it was and how they ate way too much.

Yard work. It’s just…relaxing. After it’s done of course.


While you’re diving into your Monday, think about some of the things that you love and let the thoughts bring a smile to your face. 🙂



So much has taken place in such a short period of time. Within the last 5 weeks I have:

  • Lost my job
  • Started School
  • Moved to a new City

It’s only a list of 3 things, but when you think about everything that’s involved, it’s a lot! Especially in 5 weeks time. Included in this 5 week period, I’ve had time to do some reflecting and pondering over who I am. Who I want to be. And who I want and do not want in my life, in between all of the madness in the above mentioned list.

Who am I? I’m a pretty simple person. I’m intelligent, witty, happy. More often than not, I live in the moment. This means different things to different people, but to me it simply means that I do what I need to do, when I need to do it. Tomorrow – I tackle that when it comes. Of course I think about the future, but my future consists of nothing longer than /maybe/ a week or two at the most. I’m sure some of you read this and think, “Wow..what about your future? Do you plan for that?” The answer is yes. I do. But I do necessity planning: what bill am I going to pay off in the next 12 months? What do I need to do to get from point A to point B in my life in the next 5 years (for me or for my Family)? That’s pretty much it. You see, there is a very real chance that I may not be here tomorrow. Or next week. Or next year. Because of this reality, I choose to live each day as it comes. These days may include a day of school, a day of cooking in my kitchen, a day of spending it with a Family member, or simply a day of doing absolutely nothing but reading on the Internet. Before my Family freaks out reading this, I’d just like to clarify that there is nothing wrong with me or my health. I simply mean that I could walk outside and get ran over by a bus, or in a local case – a big jacked up 4×4 monster truck driven by a careless 16 year old kid doing 60mph in a 25mph neighborhood.

Who do I want to be? I think this is the easiest question of them all to answer. I want to be the very best Mother, GrandMother, and Significant other that I can be for my Family. That’s it. Do I aspire to be more? Nope. Because these three things are the single most important aspects of my life. In the end, they’re all that matters to me. Again, pretty simple.

A part of my life. Many people have come and gone in my life over the years and a lot of lessons have been learned. Hooooey a lot let me tell ya! These people, good and bad, have really helped shape who I am today. Thank goodness I’m one to learn from my mistakes! These people, along with many people I come across today really help me focus on the type of people I want in my life. Got drama? Keep it. Got 10 suitcases full of skeletons that you like to open and share freely? Oh baby, keep them! Got baby Momma/Daddy problems? Get a lawyer. Feel better when you’re bringing someone else down or talking bad about people? Yeah..keep that mess to yourself. I have very few people outside of my Family in my life. I’ve never been one to have friends. I’m happy shopping alone. I’m happy running errands, alone. I’m happy at home on my off days while everyone is at work, alone. And the few people that I do enjoy being around, I’m happy when I have a chance to meet them for lunch or coffee. And even happier when I return home. I can count on one hand the people that I consider a friend. Re-reading this paragraph, I just thought “what does this say about me?” “What type of person am I?” An introvert? Nah. I just choose to live my daily life doing me, keeping it simple, and more importantly, keeping it real. And these are the type of people I enjoy having in my life. The type of person who is nothing more than simple and real.

I’m not sure where I was even going with this post. I was sitting here at home this morning enjoying the peace and quiet and just started thinking about all the negative things that I stumbled upon on the Internet this morning. Drama. Negativity. Relationship issues. Political rants (these piss me off the most; especially when someone shares information from some random no-name, no credibility news site and taking it as truth). And all I could think was, “man…these people can’t be happy if this is all they have to say, think, or feel.” I mean, getting all worked up over something someone has said (whether it’s about you or not), getting your blood pressure up because (used for expression only) created a blog post about ‘Murica and the right to own guns, having a different opinion than you. What does it solve? Absolutely nothing. And the only one it hurts…is you. You’re now upset. You’re blood pressure is going up. You’re spewing profanities. You let someone else affect you, your attitude, and possibly your health.

I may lead a boring life and I may miss out on a lot of things. That’s okay. Because I’m happy in my life, where I am, who I am, and who I have in it. I like being me and I like “me”. And the reality of it is…this is all that matters.

Life's Choices. It's up to you.

Haven’t done one of these in ages. Then again, I haven’t really been here in a while either. I’m trying to change that. Really.

With the Holiday’s fast approaching *groan*, I’ve recently realized how different they’ll be this year. There aren’t any kids at home to help cook and bake, there won’t be any having to sneak around the house late at night while the kids are sleeping to wrap presents and put them under the Christmas tree, there won’t be much of anything now that the kids are grown and on their own now. And since they’ve been on their own, it’s given me the time to slow down and really think about the things that I love and appreciate today. Because you know, I had that whole Mom-thing going on and when that goes on all that you think, live, breathe, is well…anything to do with the Mom-thing.

So, on to the 10 things I love…


  1. Me time.
  2. Standing on my patio early in the morning, coffee in hand and watching the sun come up.
  3. My Keurig Platinum.
  4. Spending time with my Granddaughter.
  5. Bundling up like a snow bunny and having these Texans laugh at me (because to them, it’s not cold here yet). This seems to take place every year.
  6. Long drives to places unknown.
  7. Apple products. Don’t judge.
  8. New shoes and bags.
  9. Cooking and baking.
  10. Helping people grow and succeed in life (work or personal).

Please comment and share what you love or start your own love list and share a link to it.


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Albert Einstein. A brilliant and famous man who really nailed it with that quote (see subject).

I have my morning routines as most of us do and one of them is reading LinkedIn. This morning I came across an article that really stood out to me and caused me to think (again) about a topic I’ve been researching for the last 6 – 7 months or so.

In the early part of this past summer, Gallup released its “State of the American Workforce” report – a massive research undertaking that identified how connected and contented people feel in their jobs.  It’s from this study, 150,000 personal interviews over the course of a year, that researchers determined only 30% of us are fully engaged at work.

The news got even worse a few days ago when Gallup announced the results of its global workplace study.  Across 142 countries, they discovered only 13% of the working population does much more than show up on time and meet the minimum expectations for their jobs.

Take a look at these worldwide results:

  • 13% Engaged: Employees feel a strong connection to the success of their organization – almost as owners – and invest significant discretionary time and effort. 
  • 63% Not Engaged: People feel less connected to their work and are disinclined to display initiative.
  • 24% Actively Disengaged: Workers who are unhappy, unproductive – and liable to spread their negativity to co-workers.
    • This means 87% of the world’s working population is not meaningfully engaged in, or otherwise enthusiastic about their jobs.
      • Worldwide, actively disengaged employees outnumber engaged employees by nearly 2:1.
      I believe it. I see it every day. Everywhere. Whether it’s at work, at my local stores that I frequently visit, …. everywhere.

      So, what’s the single greatest reason the world’s workforce is disengaged?

      Too Few People In Leadership Roles Are Well-Suited For The Task

      So what’s the secret to great leadership today? See the subject of this post. Albert Einsteins logic applies here.
      The reason so many people are distressed in their jobs today is because our traditional ways of managing them no longer work.  To solve our engagement problem, therefore, we must collectively adopt the practices that do work and select into management only the people who have the desire and inclination to implement them.
      Research shows that employees have dreams and aspirations of work that far transcend a paycheck.  They want to grow, do meaningful work, and be made to feel valued for all they contribute.  Not surprisingly, leaders who go out of their way to help people attain these goals end up having a profoundly positive effect on how they feel about their work. – See more at:
      How many of you experience this today (whether you see it or have 1st hand experience)? Do you see leadership (whether it’s a manager, a director, or a higher position) caring more about helping others grow, develop, and succeed or is the focus more exclusively on their own ambitions, recognition, and

      Check out “The Single Greatest Reason The World’s Workforce is Disengaged” over at Mark Crowley’s site and read the rest of the story –

      More and more big companies are finally figuring it out – what got them where they are today.

      Rather than focusing on a new product, the 2009 “Sponsors of Tomorrow” ad campaign celebrates what makes Intel different culture, personality, heroes — and ways Intel has helped change the world for over 40 years.

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