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Albert Einstein. A brilliant and famous man who really nailed it with that quote (see subject).

I have my morning routines as most of us do and one of them is reading LinkedIn. This morning I came across an article that really stood out to me and caused me to think (again) about a topic I’ve been researching for the last 6 – 7 months or so.

In the early part of this past summer, Gallup released its “State of the American Workforce” report – a massive research undertaking that identified how connected and contented people feel in their jobs.  It’s from this study, 150,000 personal interviews over the course of a year, that researchers determined only 30% of us are fully engaged at work.

The news got even worse a few days ago when Gallup announced the results of its global workplace study.  Across 142 countries, they discovered only 13% of the working population does much more than show up on time and meet the minimum expectations for their jobs.

Take a look at these worldwide results:

  • 13% Engaged: Employees feel a strong connection to the success of their organization – almost as owners – and invest significant discretionary time and effort. 
  • 63% Not Engaged: People feel less connected to their work and are disinclined to display initiative.
  • 24% Actively Disengaged: Workers who are unhappy, unproductive – and liable to spread their negativity to co-workers.
    • This means 87% of the world’s working population is not meaningfully engaged in, or otherwise enthusiastic about their jobs.
      • Worldwide, actively disengaged employees outnumber engaged employees by nearly 2:1.
      I believe it. I see it every day. Everywhere. Whether it’s at work, at my local stores that I frequently visit, …. everywhere.

      So, what’s the single greatest reason the world’s workforce is disengaged?

      Too Few People In Leadership Roles Are Well-Suited For The Task

      So what’s the secret to great leadership today? See the subject of this post. Albert Einsteins logic applies here.
      The reason so many people are distressed in their jobs today is because our traditional ways of managing them no longer work.  To solve our engagement problem, therefore, we must collectively adopt the practices that do work and select into management only the people who have the desire and inclination to implement them.
      Research shows that employees have dreams and aspirations of work that far transcend a paycheck.  They want to grow, do meaningful work, and be made to feel valued for all they contribute.  Not surprisingly, leaders who go out of their way to help people attain these goals end up having a profoundly positive effect on how they feel about their work. – See more at:
      How many of you experience this today (whether you see it or have 1st hand experience)? Do you see leadership (whether it’s a manager, a director, or a higher position) caring more about helping others grow, develop, and succeed or is the focus more exclusively on their own ambitions, recognition, and

      Check out “The Single Greatest Reason The World’s Workforce is Disengaged” over at Mark Crowley’s site and read the rest of the story –

      I’ve struggled for a long time now over this blog.

      • Do I continue?                                                                                       
      • Do I write about tech?
      • Do I write about personal-anything-I-want stuff?

      For a long time this blog was filled with a lot of tech, then on to marketing related posts, and slowly came to it’s death filled with a little bit of everything. I’ve spent some time going through old posts from over the years and it was quite the eye opener to see just how much my life changed over time. I mean, I went from the totally geeky, happy, tech girl to the what the hell was I thinking marketing girl, to what seemed to be utter confusion. I can look back and pinpoint with every post what was going on in my life at the time both personally and professionally. That’s a closed door that I don’t really think I care to open again. Ever.

      Fast forward to today. I’m happy. Could I be happier? Of course! Everyone could stand to be happier. But I have no complaints. I mean hell, I’m finally back (1 year now) in a working environment that is full of creativity, vision, laughter, and smiles. Sure there’s frustrations from time to time but they don’t last long. At all. I’ve got a rock solid team(mate) that I’d trust with my life. I’ve got my days filled with a little bit of tech and a little bit of …. life. To me, it’s a great combination. Especially for work!

      Outside of work – I’m happy. I’ve recently started a new diet lifestyle change, so that’s a huge plus. My kids are slowly moving forward and getting their lives started and stable (huge for a Mom!). Everything in life is slowly once again falling into place.

      Life is good.

      So back to this blog. I’m not sure what I want in this space. Or if it even matters. Maybe for now I just open it up and type. Type about whatever I feel like typing about. I think for now, that’s good enough for me.


      Wow! So much has taken place over the last 3 years that I’ve completely forgotten about this blog. If it wasn’t for my newest adventure, I probably wouldn’t be here now. Three years have gone by and I’ve had so many changes in my life take place. Career changes, lifestyle changes, and then some.

      I’ve been spending a lot of time over this last year thinking about an adventure. Nothing that I’m looking to make a profit off of, but more along the lines of becoming active publicly on what I love to do in my spare time. Cook. If you’re familiar with my page on Facebook, you already know that the majority of my posts are pictures of meals that I’ve cooked or desserts that I’m baking. Maybe I’ll bring this little space on the Internet back to life and share some of that over here too.

      You probably won’t find many marketing or IT related posts here anymore. That’s no longer my life and hasn’t been since 2010. Maybe I’ll dive into that one day. What you’ll find here is more of “me”. Which may or may not interest you and if it does and you enjoy my posts, great! If not, well thanks for stopping by anyway, even if it was a brief visit. (=

      So with that said…I’m back. I’ll be spending the near future making some changes around here and pretty much starting over and giving you a little glimpse inside my World.

      To new beginnings…

      More and more big companies are finally figuring it out – what got them where they are today.

      Rather than focusing on a new product, the 2009 “Sponsors of Tomorrow” ad campaign celebrates what makes Intel different culture, personality, heroes — and ways Intel has helped change the world for over 40 years.

      I picked up a new Flip Video and I’m quite impressed with the quality it produces. It’s the perfect size to toss in my purse and whip out whenever I want to catch something on the fly. I’ve been looking around at video sharing sites and while YouTube seems to be the best place to share videos – it lowered the quality of my video and that’s something I want to avoid.

      My first attempt at sharing videos was on Flickr since A) I have a pro account and B) I’m constantly updating it with photos. Unfortunately, even the pro account on Flickr has a 90 second video limit. I uploaded the videos there anyway and just left a link to the full video on the web site I ended up going with to share the full video(s) – I’m happy with the results. Vimeo allows you to upload your videos without losing quality.

      If any of you have other suggestions for video sharing sites, please comment and let me know. I’m still looking.

      In my world today it’s hard to take notice of everything that’s taking place around me and I often miss quite a bit news or the little things that someone says or does. My world is fast-paced, always on the move, and there just isn’t enough hours in my days to do everything that I’d like to. Sound familiar? I’m sure that I speak for just about every woman who is a mother, a grandmother, a working mother, wife, significant other out there.

      Just a few moments ago, the women in PEER 1  received an e-mail from the Vice-President of Human Resources, Tricia Hollyer. I had to re-read her e-mail a few times – not because I didn’t understand it the first time, but to really appreciate what she said to each of us women. Our company is dominantly male and well, let’s face it, tech today is a male-dominated industry.

      I’d like to forward on her e-mail and celebrate all women in technology today. Hats off to you all for paving your way in this industry!

      From:     Tricia Hollyer
      Subject:     Ada Lovelace Day – Celebrating women in technology
      Date:     March 24, 2009 10:53:45 AM CDT

      Tuesday, March 24th is a day to celebrate the wonderful women in technology, of which you are one!

      Check out these links for more information:

      Send a message, post a tweet, blog about a woman you know who rocks in tech!

      Everyone on this email counts to me, so here’s to all of us for making our way in a male-dominated industry and making PEER 1 a better place to work. I hope I’ve managed to get everyone woman at PEER 1, but if I’ve missed someone, please let me know and/or forward this on.

      I realize we don’t all work in technical roles, but we are all a part of what makes PEER 1 successful. If you want to know more about the tech side of what we do, ask Elleni – Lead DC Tech in Atlanta, or Jennifer – Developer in San Antonio, or Jackie – Technical Account Manager in Atlanta, or Marisa – IT Administrator in San Antonio, or any one of the smart women who work for us.

      And here’s to our Recruiting Team’s goal for 2009 – at least one woman in every team at PEER 1. There are too few of us at PEER 1, but we’re working on fixing that.

      Well done, ladies. We rock! I count myself lucky to work with an amazing group of women like you.

      Tricia Hollyer
      Vice-President, Human Resources

      I admire women in tech period. Today, I admire and thank Tricia for acknowledging the women in our company today. Thank you Tricia!

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