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I have been an iPhone user since the first iPhone came out. Until a few months ago. I made the leap over to Android and picked up a Nexus 5. I tried to use Android a few years ago, was pretty miserable with it, and quickly ran back to cuddle with my longtime buddy – Apple.

Over the last 10+ years my cell phones get heavy use for work related things and I’m accustomed to using my phone and not carrying around a laptop or a tablet. It’s convenient. Since I made the switch to Android this go-round, my work life has been much easier. Much. My e-mail client Nine is my new best friend, Google docs is my savior, and other apps I use for work along withvthese two are just simple and work flawlessly together. Android has come a long way over the years and I’m loving it.

So what’s the dilemma?

I keep up with tech. I’m a gadget girl. I stalk technology 24/7/365. I dream technology. Okay..maybe I don’t go that far. Maybe. I sold my iPad (that I’ve also used continuously since the beginning, upgrading to the latest and greatest year after year), and purchased a Nexus 7. Love it. I use an Apple laptop for work. I use Android for personal everything.
I love both, but I feel like I get so much more with Android. Then here comes the iPhone 6 and now I find myself struggling. Being a techi-gadget-geek-girl, an Apple and Android lover, what is a girl to do? #firstworldproblems (yes, I did it.)

Now let me say that I am _not_ the techie who has to show off all my latest and greatest gadgets. I’m not the “ooooh…look at me! Look at the new coolness I have!” I research and buy my gadgets wisely based off of what will work best for me then keep them to myself and enjoy them. I mean, there have been times that I’ve researched for over a year and end up purchasing something that’s a little dated – and that’s okay because the latest model wasn’t a good choice.

I’m keeping up with all the rumors and speculations of what’s to come with the iPhone 6 and I’m drooling. I’m seeing the pictures of its beauty. I’m glancing over at my not-so-fancy/kind-of-plain Nexus 5 and understanding that while it’s not sleek, nor fancy, it’s done everything I’ve wanted it to do, easily. But I’m a gadget girl! I want to play with everything new and cool! Everything! What if the iPhone 6 with the new iOS 8 can do everything that I need it to do with ease and grace?

I’m pretty sure I won’t go out and buy an iPhone 6 when it’s released. I’ll watch it. Read the reviews from real world users. And wear a bib…

I would love to hear others opinions on both Android and iOS, what you primarily use it for (work or personal), and why you’ve chosen it. You may offer reasoning that I haven’t thought of (for either) that will help make decisions easier in the future.


Erica Sadun has posted a great article about ‘running out of Application space on your iPhone or iTouch. It seems you have the ability to fool your iPod or iPhone into thinking that you’ve added a Widgets folder by creating a symbolic link.

It’s interesting that people are running out of space for Widgets even though Apple hasn’t officially opened the platform for development. It’s pretty obvious that people are just itching to start working on applications for these devices, so we can expect a lot of cool stuff once Apple releases the official SDK (supposedly in Feb 2008).

While I don’t agree with Steve Borsch when he says that “Leopard will be Apple’s tipping point”, I do agree that Apple has and is continuously making headway in the market.
So far, the upgrades included with Apple’s OS Leopard looks to be quite impressive with 300+ upgrades. Being a Mac user, the feature I’m looking forward to the most is Time Machine. I’m always reminding myself to run backups but to actually do it..well that’s a different story. Time Machine looks like it’s going to be amazingly simple to backup; so simple that even the most non-technical user will be happy using it.

Parental Controls included. This is something that many parents today are concerned with. Parents are paying more and more attention to what their children are doing on the internet and what sites they’re visiting. Some of the nice features included are the in depth logging and the bed time and time limits.

Dashcode. This will be of interest to all you web developers. Imagine libraries of thousands of widgets, as well as widgets that provide functionality of any application created. Many of us have no idea what widgets are and really don’t care, but for those that do Dashcode is something to take notice of.

BootCamp. Finally an official feature, and all of the beta support is now ending. BootCamp boasts to run Windows at native speed and has drivers galore (no more searching!).

More upgrades are included and I for one can’t wait to see all of the features as well as ease of use that Leopard has to offer.


According to a post on Digg today, an iPhone owner was sitting in class checking what TV shows he was going to watch when all of a sudden a keyboard comes sliding into his screen and just gets stuck.

While I think that the iPhone looks sleek, sexy even.. I’m still not impressed enough to go buy one.

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