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Life's Choices. It's up to you.


I’ve struggled for a long time now over this blog.

  • Do I continue?                                                                                       
  • Do I write about tech?
  • Do I write about personal-anything-I-want stuff?

For a long time this blog was filled with a lot of tech, then on to marketing related posts, and slowly came to it’s death filled with a little bit of everything. I’ve spent some time going through old posts from over the years and it was quite the eye opener to see just how much my life changed over time. I mean, I went from the totally geeky, happy, tech girl to the what the hell was I thinking marketing girl, to what seemed to be utter confusion. I can look back and pinpoint with every post what was going on in my life at the time both personally and professionally. That’s a closed door that I don’t really think I care to open again. Ever.

Fast forward to today. I’m happy. Could I be happier? Of course! Everyone could stand to be happier. But I have no complaints. I mean hell, I’m finally back (1 year now) in a working environment that is full of creativity, vision, laughter, and smiles. Sure there’s frustrations from time to time but they don’t last long. At all. I’ve got a rock solid team(mate) that I’d trust with my life. I’ve got my days filled with a little bit of tech and a little bit of …. life. To me, it’s a great combination. Especially for work!

Outside of work – I’m happy. I’ve recently started a new diet lifestyle change, so that’s a huge plus. My kids are slowly moving forward and getting their lives started and stable (huge for a Mom!). Everything in life is slowly once again falling into place.

Life is good.

So back to this blog. I’m not sure what I want in this space. Or if it even matters. Maybe for now I just open it up and type. Type about whatever I feel like typing about. I think for now, that’s good enough for me.


Things that make me happy –

  • Coffee
  • My family
  • A comfy, worn in pair of old blue jeans
  • A white summer tank top
  • Shoes!
  • Bags
  • Manicures and Pedicures
  • Euro chocolate
  • Volvo’s
  • Myself
  • Pasta
  • Gadgets
  • Street racing
  • Long drives down country roads
  • My favorite co-workers Jayson and Tito
  • Being admired
  • Jewelry (white gold and platinum)
  • Fried chicken
  • Cold weather
  • Potatoes!
  • The ocean
  • Listening to mood expressing music
  • Laying in bed snuggling with my cat
  • The color pink
  • Being winked at
  • Traveling
  • Hysterical laughter
  • Watching old couples in love, holding hands, laughing and enjoying each others company
  • Big, strong, broad, intimidating, men
  • Tan lines
  • Perfect hair days
  • Texting
  • Confidence
  • A glance across the room, making eye contact
  • Receiving flowers at work
  • Vodka
  • Having choices where at least one choice doesn’t suck
  • Curves
  • McDonald’s french fries
  • Hoodies
  • Holding hands
  • Wit and intellect
  • Peanut butter cups
  • Shopping, it always makes me feel better!
  • Did I mention COFFEE??
  • There are many things that I love, typically anything positive as I tend to do my best to avoid negativity and drama. No time for it in my life.


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