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Robert Scoble and Charnell Pugsley at the Blellow Tweetup

Robert Scoble and Charnell Lucich at the Blellow Tweetup

Kevin and I attended a Tweetup this evening in beautiful downtown San Antonio that was hosted by Blellow along with Rackspace and their newest addition, Robert Scoble.  The turnout was great and I was able to connect with some of my old co-workers from my Rackspace days as well as make some new friends, which was awesome.  I was happy to finally put faces to names of my friends that I talk with on Twitter all the time such as @joeruiz and @rackerhacker. The margarita’s were strong, the food was great, and the atmosphere was just full of energy.

While wandering around playing paparazzi, I got to meet and chat with Robert Scoble (@scobleizer on Twitter) and I must say – he is a super-great guy! He asked me to follow him to the margarita machine while we chatted and we ended our conversation on the front porch of the Blellow HQ. In that short time span, I learned a lot and I took away some valuable information – what I consider guidance, that I hope to use in my role as both a woman in tech and a contributor to the Internet. Thanks Robert!

For those not familiar with Blellow – Blellow is a productivity microblog. Their goal is to encourage open collaboration and the sharing of knowledge.  They have a very cool concept going on and I encourage you all to go give them a look, join their network, and enjoy sharing!

I’ve posted some pictures from the Tweetup on Flickr here.

If you’re not on Twitter, get there. When you do, be sure to follow me and say hello – @charnelllucich!


Six Flags Fiesta Texas

From time to time I get coupons for Six Flags Fiesta Texas. My kids have season passes so we rarely if ever use the coupons I get. Rather than just tossing the coupons, I post about them on Twitter to my friends, they send me a direct message with their e-mail addresses and I forward them the coupon. Well, I received another one today and there’s a couple of offers in this one that I can’t share on Twitter in 160 characters or less so I’ve decided to create this post.

I currently have a coupon for Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Buy one ticket, get one free, good now until November 23rd.

In addition to the November offer, a lot of the stores have items that are up to 75% off. If you’re one of the first 50 people to make a purchase at the Mercado store on November 8th or 9th they’ll give you a free t-shirt.

Get your 2009 Season Pass Now:
Here are 10 reasons why getting Season Passes gives you thrills and so much more.

1. Lowest Price of the Year
2009 Season Passes are now on sale for $59.99 — just $10 more than a one-day ticket.

2. FREE Holiday in the Park 2008.
Buy your 2009 pass early and get free admission to Holiday in the Park 2008, November 28 – January 4.

3. Wiggles World — Coming in 2009.
Sing along with Dorothy the Dinosaur, Henry the Octopus and other Wiggles pals in the all NEW
Wiggles World children’s area.

4. Five FREE Tickets for Friends.
Pick up your Passholder Value Book in the spring with five FREE tickets for friends to use on select days.

5. Pays for Itself.
A Season Pass pays for itself in less than two visits.

6. FREE Water Park.
Your Six Flags Fiesta Texas Season Pass includes FREE admission to White Water Bay water park,
open May through Labor Day, so bring your swimsuit.

7. Exclusive Passholder Perks.
Get over $400 in discounts on food, games, souvenirs and more, plus access to an exclusive Season Passholder Night on September 11, 2009.

8. FREE Special Events and Concerts.
We host more than 20 concerts and special events each season, including the STARBURST® Concert Series.

9. Visits to Six Flags Theme Parks Nationwide.
Your Six Flags Fiesta Texas season pass ID is accepted at 15 Six Flags theme parks nationwide.

10. Special Email Offers.
Be the first to hear the latest Six Flags news and receive exclusive email offers. Sign up for passholder emails when processing your Season Pass ID.

There are a few more offers in this e-mail, but you’ll have to click the link inside the e-mail to get them. If you’re interested in this coupon, you know the drill. Just send me a direct message on Twitter with your e-mail address letting me know you’d like the coupon and I’ll forward it along to you.


This weekend has probably been one of the most relaxing weekends I’ve had in ages. I’m sure much of it has to do with being sick, but hey it worked well for me. I’ve realized this weekend that I need to just slow down. Relax. Enjoy life. I’ve missed so much in life by doing the 9-5 thing (necessity of course) and after 5, constantly running errands or rushing around the house trying to do the cooking and laundry. Weekends? Never really knew what those things were. Hell, I’ve always heard people talking about this weekend-thing but just never got it as my weekends were spent…well…working, running errands, catching up on laundry, cleaning, cooking, screaming at my kids, you know, the typical mom-stuff. My life for the past several years has consisted of working (this includes the 9-5 + mom-thing) from around 5am – 1or2am. After this weekend, I have no idea how I’ve been able to do it for so long. I’m sure many of you out there can relate hey? What? We’re out of milk? You need new shoes? I have to bake how many cupcakes for your class TOMORROW, why didn’t you tell me this sooner – it’s 9pm. Oh and you need stuff for an Art project due tomorrow too?? This is where I think I’m going to race the clock and win.

I regret taking my weekends for granted. Using these two days out of the week that I get, where I just don’t have to do a damn thing if I don’t want to. I have done absolutely nothing this weekend. NADA. And it felt fantastic. I went out to the San Antonio Raceway Friday night with Kevin and that was pretty much it. I stayed home all day yesterday and didn’t do anything! Nothing! Well, I cooked dinner – and a fabulous one at that!

So, here it is Sunday and I no longer look or feel like this or this as I’m in the healing phase now and I’m sure my family feels like their lives can be restored, back to normal and I have turned back into the ATM mother that they know and love. I woke up this morning and cooked breakfast. Something I haven’t done in ages. Corned beef hash, scrambled eggs, tortillas, with apple juice. After breakfast, I cleaned up the kitchen, my daughter helps dry them and put the dishes away and I’m back to a clean kitchen. I made a pot of coffee. Something I haven’t done in ages. Typically the first thing I do when I wake up EVERY morning is run to StarBucks.

I actually found myself making a comment aloud to my cat “Rex” in the kitchen earlier today while baking Swedish bread rolls.

It’s funny how the oven seems to work when the kitchen is clean.

Rex just lays down with a quiet meow and waits for me to finish. He knows the routine. So I wait for him to look back up at me and I continue while sipping my coffee.

You know Rex, the oven never seems to work during the week. I miss the open space of a clean and uncluttered kitchen. I enjoy cooking, baking, and feeding the family good home-cooked meals. You know they’re much more healthy than eating out right?

Rex rolls his eyes, lets out another meow only this time a little bit longer with different tones as if he’s trying to hold this conversation with me and tell me, “yes, I know. I enjoy it too.” He always gets table snacks.


Image of Rex taken by Kevin at

Then it dawned on me and I look down at Rex and blurt out – “Oh my God! So this is how it works Rex!”

This time he quickly lets me know he’s not in the mood, rolls his eyes, let’s out a grunt, and walks into the bedroom. Needless to say, I could get used to this.

I got bored for a brief moment today but quickly snapped myself out of it by chatting for a bit on Twitter with some newfound friends. While chatting, someone posted a link to a hilarious YouTube video by Demitri Martin called Flip Chart and Art. I needed this laugh. I need to learn how to laugh more often while slowing down my life, enjoying it, and not taking it so seriously. At my age, I’d rather slow down on my own and enjoy life and all of it’s offerings instead of being forced to due to …. my old age.

I will be traveling to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks to attend Blog World & New Media Expo (we’ll have a booth there – #411 so be sure to stop by and say hi!), but I will make certain that I enjoy my time outside of the event too while trying not to break the bank. *smile*

The other night I felt GREAT! Had to sneeze a few times, figured it was just my home telling me it was time to dust. Wrong. I woke up yesterday morning with what appeared to be allergy issues – you know, the typical runny nose, watery/puffy eyes. Wrong again. As the day went on, it got worse and worse and today it appears I’ve turned into this. Yes, that’s my face, me…today. Flu-like symptoms+allergies+ear ache = a not so pleasant me.

So, since I’m in a foul mood and have been the past couple of days, I’m going to try to snap myself out of it, thinking about the things I love…even while sick.

  1. My 14.4lb kitty. He’s been sick and to the vet twice now over the last couple of days with a UTI. This is the 2nd one he’s had in 3 years except this time around I caught it in the beginning stages so his vet visits were not as unpleasant as the last. I love him with all of my heart, but realize it even more during times like these.
  2. My two teenagers. Okay, maybe not so much while being sick. They’ve been great – avoiding me and giving me my sick-space.
  3. Fred. Fred is a little frog who has taken residence in my front yard. We have a routine it seems. Around 9pm each night, he pops up in front of my porch letting me know he’s arrived then hops across the sidewalk into my flowerbed to eat.
  4. The outdoors, regardless of the weather.
  5. Twitter
  6. Humor. Laughter always helps when you’re feeling icky.
  7. Me time.
  8. Hot, steamy showers.
  9. High heels and blue jeans.
  10. Sitting in my big, fluffy recliner in my bedroom watching my cat sunbathe in the window.

It seems I’ve been added to a list of nominees on Which I think is very cool and I thank the individual who thought enough of me to nominate me. Since I’ve been blogging here, which is my personal blog and on our company blogs I’ve had the chance to meet some really GREAT people. The blogosphere is full of such a wide variety of topics, all of which these bloggers are passionate about; from mommy bloggers to media bloggers, tech bloggers to political bloggers, you name it – it’s out there. I think what I’ve found to be the most impressive out of all these people of different blogs is that no matter the blog theme and/or topic, there isn’t an event that goes by that people pass up the chance to meet each other. It’s really a great community to be a part of.

What is this all about? Jane Porricelli of says,

It’s all Playboy’s fault.

If hadn’t made a list of the hottest bloggers (all female – it is Playboy) – blogger Jane Porricelli of never would have found her Mission. A believer in equal opportunity, she knew that in the interest of women and gay men promoting gender equality, she just had to recognize the men who heat up the web, too.

So she enlisted the help of her Twitter followers one night, blogged about her impromptu Hottest Male Blogger contest – and the response was major. The scent of fresh male blogger meat quickly made its way ’round the web and Jane was deluged with emails, tweets and press from Gawker and mediabistro.

The Hottest Male Blogger contest was the Cinderella Story of the web, bringing hot male bloggers into the spotlight. Mission accomplished.

But that’s not where our story ends. Oh no. Even before the announcement of the first-ever Hot Male Blogger Contest winner (Peter Shankman), there was unrest in the blogosphere.

People complained I’m the hottest blogger and I was totally overlooked! and No fair! I didn’t have a chance to vote for my favorite blogger! and See a sexy Russian girl get – (oh wait, that one went into spam) and Hey, where are the gay bloggers? Bloggers of color? At the same time, even more were crying, We want more! We want more! And just as Jane was shaking her fist at the gods, crying, “How? How do I give everyone what they want?” she was joined by Sarah Morgan, blogger, Twitterer, social media dilettante and Hot Blogger appreciator.

And when the two of them put their minds together, the Hot Blogger Calendar was born.

Jane and Sarah decided to create two calendars: Hot Male Bloggers and Hot Female Bloggers (again: gender equality). And here’s where you come in. Yes, you are a part of this story, too. It’s your chance – nay, your duty – to nominate the bloggers who will take part in our photo shoot and appear in the 2009 Hot Blogger Calendars. (And then you will buy these calendars come November, m’kay?)

You nominate your Hot Blogger, male or female. Nominations will be accepted for just one week, from August 18-25. You can vote for yourself (we won’t tell!) or for any other blogger who makes you muy caliente!

But you must spread the word, because obviously, the more people who vote for you your nominee, the better chance that you your nominee will be a finalist. Finalists will be announced August 25, and voting from August 25-September 1 will determine the Hot Bloggers who will grace your calendar pages throughout 2009.

So, with that said I’m going to pretty much whore put myself out here and ask that you go over to Hot Blogger Calendar, click the ‘Gals‘ tab, scroll a little over midway through the list and find me (Charnell Pugsley) and nominate me! *bats eyes*


I’ve never really cared for peanut butter in any way, shape, or form growing up. No matter how many times my mother tried to feed it to me in any manner that she could – PBJ sandwiches, on crackers, you name it she tried it. It wasn’t until my adult years (and just within the recent years I might add) that I began actually liking it and even now, I don’t care for it unless it has something mixed in with it.

While posting on Twitter one afternoon, I received an e-mail notification that I had a new follower – pbloco

After clicking the link to the Twitter profile and checking this new follower out I realized that it was a company that sold peanut butter. My first reaction was ‘WTF? Why would a PB company want to follow ‘Just your average geek-girl?’ And of course the obvious second, ‘Exposure’. So, not being a fan of peanut butter but not really busy at work I decided to check out P.B. Loco’s website and to my amazement, I was impressed. Impressed at the fact that A) I loathed peanut butter most of my life yet found myself interestingly browsing around this website. and B) That this company is actually doing something ‘different’. Different with their marketing, different with their attitude, just…different.

Today at work, I received a FREE jar of P.B. Loco peanut butter (who gives away free stuff anymore without wanting something in return??).

Peanut Butter with CoCoBanana

Yes, I bolded it. Yes, I gave it an entire line on this blog post by itself. Why? Because it kicks ass and deserves it! I’ve tried Jiff, I’ve gagged over Peter Pan, and tonight I rocked Peanut Butter with CoCoBanana!

Generally, I would either eat out or cook something, but here in San Antonio, Texas during 100 degree weather, the last thing someone wants to do after a long day at work is cook OR go outside. This was one of those get home, change into some sloppy/comfy clothes, strip the make-up and just relax under the A/C. So PB (no jelly!) it was.

Good God this stuff is heavenly – Peanut butter, bananas, and chocolate, blended just right to cause it to have a perfect texture that doesn’t gag you like the other brands (well, me at least). Ok, enough right? I could go on for days bragging on this stuff. You readers have to head on over to their website and check out what they call their ‘Adult Peanut Butter’. Not to mention the recipes that they have on their site that includes their peanut butter as one of the ingredients.

I will definitely be ordering more and trying out some of the different varieties that they have. Maybe I’ll get brave enough eventually to try out one of their recipes. One thing is for certain, they’ve certainly made me a fan(girl).

Twitter…Twitter…Twitter. How disgusted I am with thee.

Okay, seriously – Twitter has grown remarkably fast and many people depend on it to quickly communicate. Me? I spend most of my time on there posting random crap about ‘what I’m doing’ as if anyone cares. The majority use it for news/current events/self-promotion.

Twitters blue whale seems to be surfacing more and more lately and it’s getting to the point where people are really taking notice, talking about it, and some even walking away. Others are blogging, telling Twitter to close their doors and put up a remodeling sign. So I’m curious to know what the folks at Twitter are going to do to make their systems/site more reliable? Not so much as to what they’re going to do, but how soon they’re going to do it. When that time comes, will it be too late?

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